Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Developed SketchUp Model

Adj. : Powerful
Vb. : Trickle

The seemingly complex roof draws the individual in with it's repetitious components. A predominantly glass front exterior allows plenty of natural light to filter through to the ground-floor Exhibition Space, as well as to the first-floor Upper Studio. The spaces and volumes created by the roof and the general flow of the building make for an ideal atmosphere for the artist.


Upper Studio and Stair Sections

Adj. : Powerful
Materials: Porous. Linear
The Upper Studio consists of a timber floor surrounded by glass balconies, and is accessible via the centrepiece of the room, the stairs. The stairs provide access to the left and right sides of the studio. Moreover, the Upper Studio is flooded by natural light, although glare is reduced by the tinted windows. Another feature is the balcony that allows the artist to look down on the exhibition space, and those who are viewing it.

Lower Studio and Stairs Sections

Section: Escape
Materiality: Meshed


The Lower Studio offers a completely new environment for the artist. Large, intersecting domes provide a new emotional environment, a new stimulus, within which the artist may find inspiration.

SketchUp Model Animations

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Draft Sketch-Up Model no.2

A view of the stairs that lead from the exhibition space to the upper studio. Notice Fiona Hall's Leaf Litter greeting you as you ascend the first flight of stairs.

In the exhibition space, you can see Rosalie Gascoigne's piece, Top of the Morning, on a wooden frame, suspended on wire from the timber trusses.
(Marker, N.B- This is the model which I have chosen to further develop for my final submission.)

Draft SketchUp Model no.1


The Upper Studios, encased by a glass roof, allows the artist to experience and enjoy natures beauty at its most serene and most severe conditions. Light wooden staircases accentuate the sense of nature set up by the roof, and encourage swift movement between floors. Aluminium sheeting over concrete walls means the studio is structurally sound, with the aluminium differentiating the building from residentia. The Lower Studio Consists of many concrete platforms, with large steps dividing the studio areas. Wooden trusses create an exhibition space at the centre of the buildings.

--Rugged . Powerful--